Copper Infused Compression Socks - So Comfy!

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Alpha Sole Copper Infused Compression socks are the answer!. These socks give max support where it's needed most! Keep full range of motion, feel stable, and give enjoysupreme comfort.


  • May Reduce Swelling
  • May Enhances Blood Flow
  • Diminishes Foot Odor and Bacteria Growth
  • Travel with more support and comfort
  • May Improve Athletic Performance
  • Encourages Post Workout Recovery
  • Promotes Faster Surgical Recovery

Why Choose Our Compression Socks:

  1. Made with Graduated Compression

Designed with graduated compression, our socks apply a firm amount of pressure near the ankle and apply less pressure as the sock moves up the leg. This encourages blood to flow back up the leg from the ankle to the thigh and the rest of the body. Say goodbye to blood pooling, swelling, and tired legs!

  1. Infused with Copper Ions

Copper ions are non-chemical germ-fighters. They are long-lasting and protect skin from odorous bacteria from forming. Copper also wards off infection.

  1. Machine Washable

Our socks are easy to maintain! Simply toss them into the washing machine with other laundry. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener.

  1. Won’t Cut Off Circulation

So many people complain that their medical-grade compression socks are far too tight. When compression socks are too tight they can actually encourage undesirable symptoms. Our copper compression socks are made with soft and flexible material that puts the right amount of pressure on the right places.

Always remove the compression socks before going to bed.