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Finally, a seat belt that keeps you and your unborn baby safe and comfortable while in the car!

Wearing a seat belt during pregnancy is extremely important as it keeps both you and your baby safe. However, the standard seat belt can be uncomfortable and even unsafe. Even so, you still need to wear your seat belt because discomfort is better than being unsafe.

With all of that in mind, we decided to design a seat belt that has the pregnant woman in mind. Our seat belt is truly a revolutionary product!

The Pregnancy Seat Belt can easily be installed to any vehicle seat to keep the pregnant mama safe and comfortable. It will easily adapt to ladies of all shapes and sizes.

Even if you are not pregnant, the seat belt will work for you! Many folks who have undergone abdominal surgery enjoy using this seat belt to avoid putting painful pressure on their wounds.


  • Safe & Comfortable - We've designed the seat belt to fit over the pregnant mother's things and not her growing belly. This keeps both her and the unborn child safe and comfortable.
  • Easy to Install - Unstrapping and re-strapping the belt is super easy! Just like a regular seat belt. Our belt is easily adjustable to accommodate any size.
  • Not Just for Pregnant Women - Whether you've just has surgery on the abdomen or would like a seat belt to not put pressure on your belly, our product can and will work for you!